Convention Circuit Underway

This year we have planned a huge tattoo convention circuit that will take us all over Canada from Vancouver, BC to Fredericton, NB and lots in between. We start off with 3 conventions in the first 6 weeks of the Circuit. March brings us; to Pile O’Bones in Regina, then little north to the Saskatoon Convention, and lastly we head over to Fredericton, NB for the Freddy Convention.

Summer Time brings us into Alberta for the Red Deer Tattoo Show and Gala, then into British Columbia Okanagan for the Kelowna Tattoo Convention. Couple week break then off to Manitoba for the Winnipeg Convention, then jump back to Alberta for Canadas largest convention hosted in Calgary. Last one for the year we fly over to Ottawa for the Ottawa-Gatineau Convention to finish off the year of conventions.

Guest Spots Everywhere

This year I have the pleasure and honour to be asked to guest spots all over Canada. I try to link these guest spots up with conventions but many times I do travel to a city just for a guest spot. Some of the more frequent guest spots I travel to are; IHeart Tattoos in Prince George, BC, Bombshell Gallery in Edmonton, Low Life Studios and Human Kansas in Calgary, Sage Tattoo Gallery in Ottawa, Crystal Head in Fredericton, Peppermint Hippo in Lethbridge, Boo Radley in Regina, and many many more.



Our first convention of the year was great, we got to go out swinging for the fences with 2 in a row piece of Pokemon Mashup. We had a Star-U Patch, with a pixelated Gloom and a colour Vaporeon. It was so bold and bright and 100% caught people's attention but we still didn’t take home any awards for it.

During this convention, I was overjoyed when a Tattoo master came up to my booth and personally asked why I haven’t tattooed at her studio yet. I am now internally puzzled due to not thinking at all I was at that level of work to be able to work beside her at her very well-known studio. So at that moment, I took the reins and we booked my first guest spot ever. This was with the extremely talented Liz Venom of her own Studio Bombshell in Edmonton. She also is the owner of Northern Tattoo Supply which had my mind going crazy with excitement.

The second convention of the year was the Saskatoon Convention. For this show I had a client come from Yorkton for a custom half-sleeve Mario Piece with stickers, patches, and full-colour realism N64 Mario. This piece we started Friday and Saturday we entered the competition and we won the Best Small Color category (actually won 1st and 2nd but the judges only gave us one to not have any controversy due to it being on the same leg both pieces).

When we finished this piece we got to enter it into a tattoo of the day Sunday and we got 2nd best for the day Sunday which was awesome and 3rd best for the tattoo of the show.