Shop Rates

Due to many factors including skill, speed, quality and supplies going up. My rates will be changing as of January 1st 2023. With this I am also being more selective with my projects I am taking on and wanting to focus more on medium to large pieces and also more color pieces for my portfolio and my direction as an artist.

2023 Rates will be done in Full day, Half day and Sometimes Hourly . Our Full Day Rate is $1400 +GST with a $500 Deposit which includes 6 hours tattooing. Our Half Day Rate is $720 +GST with a $300 deposit which includes 3 hours tattooing. Hourly under 2 hours $250 +GST and require $100 deposit. 1 hour minimum charge for hourly projects . 2023 Travel Rates are: Full Day Rate is $1650 +GST with a $500 Deposit which includes 6-7 hours tattooing. Half Day Rate is $850 +GST with a $300 deposit and includes 3-4 hours tattooing.

Tattoo Proofing & Touch-ups

We will send you a final proof before your appointment for you to approve. You will have room for minor changes; major changes may require an additional $100 fee.

DO NOT come to the appointment wanting design changes, your appointment will be cancelled, and you will have to rebook. Colour changes can be done at the appointment, but if you want a colour change, let me know prior so we can do a proof for you to see. 

Touch-ups aren’t always necessary, we know how our artist's work heals. So make sure you take proper care of your tattoo, We will know if it wasn’t taken care of properly. Touchups after six months are a $160 fee.

Patch/Sticker tattoos

Patch/Sticker tattoos are done at approximately palm-sized and charged flat rates depending on details, colours and locations. These are on our rates page. Half day or Full Day Rates. Priority goes to these styles.

Client Communication

We communicate via TEXT ONLY. We don’t answer calls regarding tattoos. We also prefer to have consults face-to-face (free) rather than back and forth-texting. If you can’t make it to size up your tattoo etc, we can do this over text, no problem.