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Studio Rates - Theodore, Sask $200 / hour (taxes included) 1 hour minimum || Convention Rates - Anywhere Half Day Rate $850 (taxes included) 3-4 hours included || Full Day Rate $1700 (taxes included) 6-8 hours included


The first 2 hours after you take you bandage off are the most important as it is still an open wound so be very careful of any dirt, especially animal hair. Once you take the bandage off, do not apply moisturizer for the first 24 hours, after that, only moisturize when the tattoo is dry to the touch, a drier tattoo is a healthier tattoo. There may be redness from where the bandage was as it is an extremely strong adhesive, but this pigmentation will return excess glue residue from the bandage, just let it naturally fall off. DO NOT scrub it off as the skin over the tattoo is still very thin and fragile.

Second skin - leave the bandage on for a minimum of 24 hours for ideal healing. Leave the bandage on for 7 days; after 7 days, take the bandage off in the morning. Give it a light wash (NO SCRUBBING) then let it air dry.
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