We bought our place in Theodore, Sask Sept 2020 and after a busy fall and winter, opened up our studio in January 2021. We were both excited and nervous as unsure how people would take to a tattoo artist, new to this area and working out of their home in Theodore with such a small population in the surrounding areas.

It didn’t take long for word of mouth to carry through the area, and soon enough we were super busy booked out every day, and fully booked the first 3 months. We have hosted many 100$ flash days to bring more people to the studio and let them get a feel for the artwork I produce. There was an overwhelming positive response from everyone here, and soon for the first time in my career I had to start closing my books as I had so many people wanting tattoos.


Every year we go on many trips for tattoos to catch up with old clients and projects that were started earlier. We made it back to Fort Nelson and Fort St. John in BC, then down through Prince George, Williams Lake, and Finally Kelowna to Calgary. We are very fortunate to be able to travel so much for tattoos.


Summer came to an end and things just kept getting better. The Shop was only open for 6 months and we were nominated for Best Tattoo and Piercing Shop out of Regina and Area in that year. We made it through multiple rounds to the final round of judging and ended up winning bronze for best tattoo shop out of Regina. This was our first award as a shop, and it was such a great feeling.


On our trip through Prince George in Sept of 2021, I was fortunate to tattoo my sister again, this time with a new style, a patch tattoo.

She was very hesitant to let me attempt this style on her to be able to emulate the threads of a patch. This was the first time me trying to emulate the threads of a patch in the skin, so she was hesitant at first.

After 5 hours, we finish the chibi character of Iron Man. My very first patch ever, and this turned out so amazing and just blew up my carrier.

From this, I went on to do my first two conventions, in Edmonton in September and Calgary in October. These have started a crazy addiction to conventions, and the drive to do better at my art and start winning awards was the goal. Calgary was such a successful show for me as I got to tattoo many patches throughout the weekend, which was so much fun. I finished the Patch of “The Stitch” character at 4 am Sunday so we could enter it into the tattoo of the day for Sunday and was only 1/2 point away from winning tattoo of the day! This was the closest I got to an award for the 2021 convention series.