The Canadian
Patch King

Colt Obst specializes in embroidery patches and sticker tattoos. He is a multi-award-winning artist recognized worldwide for his unique style of mashing up patches and stickers with full-colour realism, black and grey and other styles.




1 hour charge minimum for all appointments. All tattoo rates include GST.

Convention Rate


Full Day Rate

Up to a max of 6-7 Hours. This includes stencil time, bandaging and pictures. All tattoo rates include GST.



Up to a max of 3-4 Hours. This includes stencil time, bandaging and pictures. All tattoo rates include GST.

Absolutely amazing artist!!!!!!
I am so happy with my tattoo; Colt did a beautiful job on a patch. From the colours to the layout of the tattoo and how he incorporated what I had asked for him to keep as this one was a cover-up. Very creative!!!
Nic Huscroft Tattoo Client
Colt does his job very well
Colt is also very flexible with booking appointments. Colt is an all-around great guy that flows with a conversation, so you feel comfortable during your visit. He is proud of his art, and it shows with his care and consideration. I highly recommend Colt as his endless abilities, and he can nail any ideas.
Melinda Chaikowski Tattoo Client
Colt is an amazing artist
From the first message, he was easy to get along with and very comfortable. During my tattoo, he had excellent bedside manners, and I felt relaxed during the entire tattoo. Would get more ink from Colt to add to my collection.
Mandy Prescott Tattoo Client
Absolutely amazing!
I got a patch-style tattoo that Colt created from a picture of my German Shepherd. He was very communicative from booking to appointment time. His studio is very clean, and he is the friendliest artist I have been to in a LONG time.
Len Goertz Tattoo Client
Super awesome place!
Colt is incredibly friendly and talented. Did an excellent job making what I wanted into a tattoo, and it was a real joy chatting with them. Their sticker-style tattoo looks amazing, and the colours are ridiculously vibrant!
Tyler Lawrence Local Guide